Grape Culture


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released April 7, 2017

Music: Todd Hoskin
Lyrics: Kalvin ‘Kal Dirt’ Richards , Logan DeFranco, Todd Hoskin

Vocals: Kalvin 'Kal Dirt' Richards, Logan DeFranco
Guitar: Todd Hoskin
Bass: Todd Hoskin
Drums: Seth Botos
Keys: Bobby Broussard
Tenor Sax: Alexander Yen
Alto Sax: Joshua Zook
Trumpet: Alex Leiva
Backing Vocals: Cedric Jackson II, Chauncey Matthews, Niya Norwood

Engineer: Mauricio Bernal, Roy Boukris
Edited by: Roy Boukris

Mix/Master: Eric Mitchell

Album Cover Art: Tori Baisden



all rights reserved


TEAM SODA Boston, Massachusetts

Team Soda creates music without being restricted to a genre. Blending everything from Afrobeat to Rap to Metal, Team Soda just cares about getting the audience moving. The easy-to-enjoy-but-hard-to-label style spawns fans of all ages, regardless if they grew up listening to Kanye West, Fela Kuti, or Tool. ... more

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Track Name: Snake Dancer (We Like to Party)
Hey, gotta testify
I'm up in the spot cuz I like to party
Catch me in the spotlight, limelight, my light
With chick that'll do anything for my Klondike

And she do it with a passion
Tryna get a band, better try the bandwagon
Once you out, you ain't getting back in
You're not cruising with the motherfucking captains

Said she a fan, start dancing
Oh you a fan? Keep clapping
No hands, looks ma no hands
She don't do drugs but I got her in a trance
So high, Peter Pan
Too fly, won't land
She the bomb Taliban
Sunshine no tan

Go and bring a friend and a couple more friends
We gon party and dance and do it all again
Go and bring a friend, couple more friends,
Party and dance, do it all again
We like to party, we like, we like to party
We like to party, we like, we like to party

3-6-9, Take this line
Make this snake dance one more time
And with a twinkle in his eye
Lil John will take me


Another day another dollar
But I'm still working harder
Yeah I'm up all night
Shedding light like Apollo

Lot of luck and dedication
Like I'm tryna hit the lotto
Fools regurgitating lines
I know my shit is hard to swallow
Sneaking in the gallow
Yeah you creeping like a shadow
Got your bitch given head
Yeah I'm dead, sleepy hallow


See him on the dance floor
Looking to explore more
Lock eyes and I know
Lil John will take me

This is not a phase
Make me scream your name (Lil John)
This might be a phase
Kiss me just in case
Track Name: Jumbo Pimp
Same team in my t-shirt
Damn, dog look how hard we work
No time for these hoes,  I know she hurt
Told my baby gimme space like reverb 
She squirt like I deserve dessert 
Shawty work work work do your research
Lost her mind long time, pon di street curb
Soul search so her soul lay in a cirque

4 Percs now she swallow like go-gurt
Ooh, I see through her like cold shirt 
Like a fast car, she pull up the skirt
Left limp jumbo pimp young Kal dirt 

Now, I need a 100 100 fucking racks
I need 100 real fast, keep it in my stash
Yeah, I need a 100 100 fucking racks
Need 100,000 cash; pimpin to the max 
I'm about to spazz
I'm about to rash
Fuck it, let me pop a xan I need to relax

It's the coldest of winters
Master splinter for the sinner
Winner winner chicken dinner 
Shit is hot, let it simmer
Show to show, need a sprinter 
Let em know, getting bigger
Getting richer, check my figures
Getting my checks up like I’m sicker
Getting pussy from a picture
That I liked, and don’t remember
Mix the liquor with the scriptures
Got some hittas
That deliver to the liver
Team Soda, Kal-Dirt on the trigger
Who’s realer off the richter

Let’s go
Track Name: Jake Mustache
So tell me what you want what you really really want
You a dame in distress with a diamond a your charm?
Do you want you a car with a house and a lawn?
Do you wanna live a lie and die and respawn?
Fuck right and wrong
Want me to keep preaching or just be gone
The game just begun
I stole all your dreams
Relax and be calm please

Nigga no time gotta rush past
Nigga no break gotta cut class
Nigga I’m late but fuck that
Hashtag nigga you can call me Jake Mustache

What you wish is what you get
And what you get is what you hate
I know I’m late
I smoke a j outside of heaven’s gate
I know you can’t relate
Nor elevate your mind
I levetate like David Blaine
Make ‘em disappear one at a time
I’m snorting dope, I’m spitting lines
I’m raging when I rhyme
Fuck you and your snap chat
Its abstract? No its mustache
You ol’ musty ass better recognize like a flashback
But I smash that
But I crash that
Throw that ass back
In that hatchback
Understand that
Supersmash that
I’ma crash that
I’ma catch that if you fall off
I’ma swerve off, sipping Smirnoff
So turnt up that you turned off
I’ma surf off
I’m an asshole? Yeah I know hoe
I’ma jerk off in yo’ jerk sauce
Better use floss, I’m too boss
And you too soft

You know what?

Suck a Nigga Dick.

Mmmm Soda

Been a burden on the eyes those curls above that smile
Better watch out cuz tonight Jake’s mustache will ride
Pumping pulling the fires around us and I smile
Let the little lover lick the lotion off the radiator put it in a potion

Track Name: Grape Culture
I’m tired of you niggas, you sitting and wishing
Ain’t doing shit but wasting your intuition
I got up and got, I paid my tuition
I dropped out of college 
I saw that the life that we living
Conflicted with war and lies, in disguise 
Still rising like low tides
But can’t hide the fact that we all on a mission 
They want us locked up in a prison but fuck it I’m chilling

I might
Just teach your body a lesson
Lots to learn in my session
Nigga don’t waste no seconds
You can get with that action
And stop with all that texting
Think about who you addressing
Don’t fuck with me for protection

I might shoot a pill in the amaretto (Kobe!)
Steal that booty like I’m black and yellow 

I been racing wit machines
I been raging wit my demon
Ronald Reagan to these fiends 
Fuck it let it go
Mix the Soda with the lean
Mix the Dirt up with the Team
We gon’ load it up again
And we good to go

Blood stains on my jeans
Gotta get it any means 
Anyhow, anyway
And I can let you know
Love stain on my jeans
Get it any means
Anyhow, anyway
And I can let you know

But I cant accept defeat
Fuckin shit up all week
I swear I dont even need sleep
But I'm set to go

Disconnect from the hive, unplug, dive
Slide knives
Just to feel and iddy biddy rise, right?
Disconnect, unwind the mind, strive along a staggered mile
Just to feel an iddy biddy rise. Right!

Just don’t count the time as passings
Or you’ll make me…
Track Name: Floppy Disko
Trillest, illist, I kill it
Eat rappers I threw on skillets
I skin em and rip it, I’m Hannibal
Lyrics hold em’ like rivets
Banana clips, I split it
I peel it, spit it, regurgitate shit it up on yo dinner plate
And I for you critics
I ain't a nigglet, I’m a a nigga tryna get it, you get it?
You don’t, I leave u beheaded
That means you deaded, I said it, I meant it
I’m a menace, pendulum swinging over ya terrace

The future of rap
Running laps, as I run rappers
That I put in the past, live in the present
I don't give gifts cuz my incentive is to murder all u motherfuckers u get it?
Since adolescence I added up all my bullets
Trying to get you to pull it
They thriving to hear my sentence
Arriving up to the pulpit I feel like I'm Malcolm X
Theres a hunnit niggas looking and aiming right at my chest

Im just an anti body 
I’m ready set go
Cuz I’ll fuck anybody
Btich take this floppy disko

Yeah, yeah

1st is the curse 
2nd is death
So I nutted on her breast and gave her that treasure chest 
Its nothing too complex 
Magazines on the shelf
I reload the shells 
Buss down bitch, bussing this head
Bussin lead
He buggin’ his cousin is dead 
Cussin' instead
Tryna fuckin run from the Feds 
He off the meds
Somebody better offer some sense
We ain't friends, told the boy fall out like Pete Wentz 

Son-ing niggas like I adopted you
Fuck who fathered you
Nigga ya mother should of swallowed you
Tell em that I'm sliding through the cut
Split the gut then ya mullet
And I’m coming in the game, my signature  on a bullet
Fuck a 9-5, fire burning in my eyes
All these damn spies, and I’m tired of all the lies
These guys in disguise I despise on the rise
If you fed up put your hands to the skies
Track Name: Steven Wonders (We Like Stevie)
Snap crack short fuse still scraping the rules
Smoke trees, sip brew, while snackin’ on shrooms (oooh)
My momma might just kick my ass
Kept my grades high
Smoke high grade in class
Killed drake on a track, so i must give sass
If she gotta dirty ass then Dirt gon’ dash
Go splash when I jump on the track
Step back pump fake 3 point off the glass


See food with the lobster and bass
Yea I see ya point but I dont sea bass
See I’m practicing on laxative to shit on your credentials
And your songs are like Proactive it don’t bump on instrumentals
I been blinded but I’m riding through my city with some rebels
Shining spitting fire, wonder if they think I’m devil
Pothead wit a hothead; I’m a kettle
Big nigga riding a suburban through the ghetto
Lil nigga smoking black and mild cigarillo
Wonder if they think they getting high as falsetto
No break gotta treat your mind like a pedal
Instead of suicide niggas think they Jared Leto
Pressure bust pipes so I’m working with the metal
Pressure bust pipes chasing gold i wont settle
For another
Roll with the thunder
Sometimes i sit alone and all i ever wonder
All i ever wonder

We often wonder
What will Stevie wonder?
No, he won’t see this coming
What will he be wondering?

Son of god or the son of the Nephilim
Sung his heart to the synagogue before they heckled him
Tryna find a way to get paid
Cuz life too long when you living like a slave

Nigga block the hater with the shades on
Niggas block the haters with the shades on
Nigga block the hater with the shades on
Stevie’s getting laid when the shows done

God damn

Hungry, train harder than Shaolin monks
Meditate these thoughts till they suspend in the sun
Spend days recollected these deficit of these funds
Till iI came to express my prerequisite for this song
Fuck the system and fuck religion
Creates division
Fuck the politician
Making sure you cant see the vision
My indecision is victim, to the cognitive dissonance
Brain is locked in imprisonment
Take a shot to your ligament
You feeling it?

We often wonder
What will Stevie wonder?
No, he won’t see this coming
What will he be wondering?

Do You Feel like reloading it
We Living inside a game and God already coded it
Notice it
Hold it up
Roll a zip
Notice this
POTUS he know this a
Its time to debug
Old Dirt dug on ya new love
Stuck like you mud
Gotta few slugs
Tryna maintain the same pace
But our mind state aint in the same place
Heard you tryna to blow
But you dont know bout the brakes

I wonder