Steven Wonders (We Like Stevie)

from by TEAM SODA

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Snap crack short fuse still scraping the rules
Smoke trees, sip brew, while snackin’ on shrooms (oooh)
My momma might just kick my ass
Kept my grades high
Smoke high grade in class
Killed drake on a track, so i must give sass
If she gotta dirty ass then Dirt gon’ dash
Go splash when I jump on the track
Step back pump fake 3 point off the glass


See food with the lobster and bass
Yea I see ya point but I dont sea bass
See I’m practicing on laxative to shit on your credentials
And your songs are like Proactive it don’t bump on instrumentals
I been blinded but I’m riding through my city with some rebels
Shining spitting fire, wonder if they think I’m devil
Pothead wit a hothead; I’m a kettle
Big nigga riding a suburban through the ghetto
Lil nigga smoking black and mild cigarillo
Wonder if they think they getting high as falsetto
No break gotta treat your mind like a pedal
Instead of suicide niggas think they Jared Leto
Pressure bust pipes so I’m working with the metal
Pressure bust pipes chasing gold i wont settle
For another
Roll with the thunder
Sometimes i sit alone and all i ever wonder
All i ever wonder

We often wonder
What will Stevie wonder?
No, he won’t see this coming
What will he be wondering?

Son of god or the son of the Nephilim
Sung his heart to the synagogue before they heckled him
Tryna find a way to get paid
Cuz life too long when you living like a slave

Nigga block the hater with the shades on
Niggas block the haters with the shades on
Nigga block the hater with the shades on
Stevie’s getting laid when the shows done

God damn

Hungry, train harder than Shaolin monks
Meditate these thoughts till they suspend in the sun
Spend days recollected these deficit of these funds
Till iI came to express my prerequisite for this song
Fuck the system and fuck religion
Creates division
Fuck the politician
Making sure you cant see the vision
My indecision is victim, to the cognitive dissonance
Brain is locked in imprisonment
Take a shot to your ligament
You feeling it?

We often wonder
What will Stevie wonder?
No, he won’t see this coming
What will he be wondering?

Do You Feel like reloading it
We Living inside a game and God already coded it
Notice it
Hold it up
Roll a zip
Notice this
POTUS he know this a
Its time to debug
Old Dirt dug on ya new love
Stuck like you mud
Gotta few slugs
Tryna maintain the same pace
But our mind state aint in the same place
Heard you tryna to blow
But you dont know bout the brakes

I wonder


from Grape Culture, released April 7, 2017
Art by Jill Blutt



all rights reserved


TEAM SODA Boston, Massachusetts

Team Soda creates music without being restricted to a genre. Blending everything from Afrobeat to Rap to Metal, Team Soda just cares about getting the audience moving. The easy-to-enjoy-but-hard-to-label style spawns fans of all ages, regardless if they grew up listening to Kanye West, Fela Kuti, or Tool. ... more

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