Jake Mustache

from by TEAM SODA

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So tell me what you want what you really really want
You a dame in distress with a diamond a your charm?
Do you want you a car with a house and a lawn?
Do you wanna live a lie and die and respawn?
Fuck right and wrong
Want me to keep preaching or just be gone
The game just begun
I stole all your dreams
Relax and be calm please

Nigga no time gotta rush past
Nigga no break gotta cut class
Nigga I’m late but fuck that
Hashtag nigga you can call me Jake Mustache

What you wish is what you get
And what you get is what you hate
I know I’m late
I smoke a j outside of heaven’s gate
I know you can’t relate
Nor elevate your mind
I levetate like David Blaine
Make ‘em disappear one at a time
I’m snorting dope, I’m spitting lines
I’m raging when I rhyme
Fuck you and your snap chat
Its abstract? No its mustache
You ol’ musty ass better recognize like a flashback
But I smash that
But I crash that
Throw that ass back
In that hatchback
Understand that
Supersmash that
I’ma crash that
I’ma catch that if you fall off
I’ma swerve off, sipping Smirnoff
So turnt up that you turned off
I’ma surf off
I’m an asshole? Yeah I know hoe
I’ma jerk off in yo’ jerk sauce
Better use floss, I’m too boss
And you too soft

You know what?

Suck a Nigga Dick.

Mmmm Soda

Been a burden on the eyes those curls above that smile
Better watch out cuz tonight Jake’s mustache will ride
Pumping pulling the fires around us and I smile
Let the little lover lick the lotion off the radiator put it in a potion



from Grape Culture, released April 7, 2017
Art by Jill Blutt



all rights reserved


TEAM SODA Boston, Massachusetts

Team Soda creates music without being restricted to a genre. Blending everything from Afrobeat to Rap to Metal, Team Soda just cares about getting the audience moving. The easy-to-enjoy-but-hard-to-label style spawns fans of all ages, regardless if they grew up listening to Kanye West, Fela Kuti, or Tool. ... more

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